When is Apex Legends mobile coming out? Release date rumors for iOS, Android and more

With the power and size of modern day smartphones, mobile gaming is becoming a huge way in which players can continue grinding their favorite titles, and Apex Legends is the next major name to make the transition to portable devices.


Apex Legends isn’t the first game to make the transition from PC and console to iOS and Android, with games like Hearthstone, Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG all making the leap.

Now, Respawn Entertainment’s entry into the battle royale genre is the latest title to look at the mobile market, but when will players be able to get their hands on the game?

apex legends apk

Apex Legends fans will be able to take the game with them according to new reports from EA.

EA announce Apex Legends is coming to mobile
During their May 7 conference call, EA confirmed that they weren’t content with keeping the popular battle royale title on PC, Xbox One and PS4, and had plans to bring the game to new platforms in the future.

Part of that call saw EA state that their intention was to bring Apex Legends to mobile devices, opening their reach to players who don’t own a device capable of running it at the moment, or to those who want the opportunity to play the game while they are on the go.

According to the company, almost 30% of Apex Legends players were entirely new to EA and their games, so releasing the game on more platforms should theoretically open them up to an even larger audience who may be interested in some of their other titles.

Daniel Ahmad
· May 8, 2019
Replying to @ZhugeEX
$EA Conference Call (Continued):

– Addition of EA Access on PS4 will be a huge benefit.
– Have over 3.5m subscribers across EA Access and Origin Access
– Are looking into streaming + subscription combo for the future.

Daniel Ahmad
$EA Conference Call (Continued):

– Many players are trying games/series they’ve never played before due to the large library on Access/Origin. 
– Use engagement seen inside the subscription service to decide which games to add to the service + greenlight new titles/genres/IP.

3:12 AM – May 8, 2019
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Which devices will Apex Legends be available on?
With no official announcement of the game’s release available just yet, it’s hard to know exactly which devices players will be able to drop into Kings Canyon on.

Apex Legends is a technical game with a large map though, so it’s likely that some of the older versions of the iPhone or some Android devices may not be included as part of the release.

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With Apple rumored to be ending support for the iPhone 6 and 6+ later this year, it’s a fair guess that the oldest iPhone that will run Apex Legends is probably the iPhone 7, but Respawn will announce a full list when it is released.  

The iPhone 7 will likely be the oldest Apple device to run Apex Legends.
When is Apex Legends set to release on mobile?
Currently, there is no word on when Apex Legends will release on mobile devices. While EA mentioned their intention to bring the game to the platform, they refrained from giving fans a timeline as to when that could take place.

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The call in which EA revealed their plans for mobile expansion were aimed at discussing Q3 of 2019, so it’s possible that Respawn are aiming for a fall release, which would roughly coincide with the end of Apex Legends Season 2.

Little to no rumors have surfaced about a possible release date, but we’ll be sure to keep this post updated as more information becomes available.

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